Hiking Trails Near Me on South Mountain

Great views from hiking trails near me

I’d like to show you some really beautiful hiking trails near me on South Mountain located near the Pima Canyon Road access.  Here’s a nice view of Phoenix with Camelback Mountain in the background.


Its a beautiful day for a hike.  The temperature has dropped here in Phoenix and many hikers are taking full advantage.  Today it hovered around 88 degrees which is very nice for the desert.

Be Prepared


If you’re not used to an arid climate, its important to have some of the essentials for dealing with the desert.  Carry plenty of water.  I have a nifty water filled backpack that keeps me hydrated.  Use lots of sunscreen, wear a hat, and wear comfortable athletic shoes with good traction.

Lets Hike


I begin with a good warm up.  I walk at a good steady pace up a long incline.  Your legs should burn and your heart rate should be elevated.   Once my muscles are ready, I do some stretching to prevent injury.


For my hikes, I prefer intensity over distance.  I enjoy sprinting the inclines and walking the declines.  This gives me a good interval workout.


I do 5 or 6 small inclines or 2 small inclines and 2 large inclines.  Sprinting the large inclines takes a lot of endurance.  If you’re looking for more of an endurance type workout, I would recommend jogging on small inclines or just flat terrain for long distances.

Meditation for a Healthy Mind


Not only to I work on my body but I also spend some time working on my mind.  I find a quit secluded spot, sit in a comfortable erect position and calm myself.


I spend a few minutes meditating by closing my eyes and reconnecting with my body and senses.  Allowing all emotion and all thought to simply flow through me without analysis while keeping my attention on my 5 senses keeps me in a presence of absolute peace.  Meditating outdoors also allows me to reach a deeper meditative state.

Cool Down


Towards the end of my hike, I do a complete cool down.  I slow the pace and just enjoy the scenery.


Good view of downtown Phoenix from a hiking trail near me on South Mountain.